In this day and age if your business doesn't have some form of virtual presence, you will be looked over for your competition. Websites don't need to be overpriced, complicated and intricate, mystical creatures. We take pride in straightforward pricing and clean, responsive website design that represents your brand properly to your customer or client.

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Social Media

Your Facebook posts only reach 6% of your followers. That's not a very good number if you're trying to grow your business. Is Instagram your demographic? What about LinkedIn? We help small to medium businesses get and stay in front of their target market. Book a FREE assessment today!

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Business Consulting

Need to increase your sales? Looking for clever ways to expand? Want to lower operating costs but not sure where you can? Pando Consulting Group offers Business Consulting Services to most businesses by the hour or for a contracted project. Fresh, experienced eyes with solid, valuable ideas can be all you need to get to the next level!

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We also offer

  • Digital and Print Design
  • Marketing Videos and
  • Logo Creation


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Check out the breakdown of all we have to offer and choose which fits your business best!