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Our Experience

Our team is small and focused. The company was founded in Atlanta 5 years ago and has been rebranded and expanded with the relocation of our CEO recently back to where she grew up, Maine. We have helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses across the country shave off extra expenditures while increasing their bottom line through strategic digital campaigns, product development and business streamlining. Our team also has many years experience working with large corporations and franchises, helping to increase their revenue through careful and well thought out marketing plans. 

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Our Approach

The key to business success is to always be thinking like the customer, they are the ones with the power to help a business grow! We have spent our careers using this thought process to create marketing programs, business plans, digital and print campaigns and more that ENGAGE your customer and elicit a response. The ultimate goal is that response is either a purchase now or a purchase later and many's both. The message, the delivery, the content and the budget all need to work together to accomplish success. From idea to execution, our team has the expertise to help you save time and money while growing your business.

Why Us?

It's not just about our experience, it is about our dedication to your experience. We will keep you as informed as you want to be through the whole process. If you want to get your hands dirty too, we'll bring you into the projects! If you just want to trust us with the whole process, that's our specialty! When we choose our clients, it is because we have a passion not just for what we do but for what they do! When we help you grow, we become more successful. We are a boutique consulting group and can only work with a certain amount of businesses at a time so if we are working with yours, your needs are our focus. We have extensive experience with many business types but not all. We ONLY work with the ones we know. We would rather be the trusted source for a few than a watered down resource for everyone. This means you will find we know more about your business's needs and challenges well before we have met. It also means we hit the ground running with that correct message, delivery, content and follow up!

Next Steps...

Take a look at our list of services and see what is missing from your business or what needs help. We will give you a free consultation and quote on what we recommend for YOUR business's growth needs.