Social Media Strategy & Content

You will learn

  • The demographics and preferred post types of the top 4 Social Platforms. Plus an overview of a few other popular platforms
  • Learn the most common post sizes for the top 4 Social Platforms
  • How to stop your customer's Newsfeed scroll with eye catching photos and graphics
  • Engage your audience with the right message
  • FREE tools to create custom, professional looking graphics
  • Get an overview of different scheduling tools
  • How to build your audience through organic and paid efforts

Emails that CONVERT


Find out

  • Effective ways to build your email list 
  • What 3 things need to be in an email to make it effective
  • The process of sourcing content  that keeps readers engaged and not hitting the SPAM button
  • What needs to be included in an email subject line to increase it's chances of being opened  
  • Maximize your efforts with list segmentation for targeted marketing that converts at a higher rate

Small Business Set-up

We UN-complicate things

Becoming a business owner is an exciting time, it can also be confusing and complicated. Learn what you need to do and how to do it with included resources in regards to starting a new business. From filing your LLC or INC (and what's the difference), creating a Business Plan and a Go to Market Strategy. A MUST Workshop for new business owners or someone who wants to know what it will really take to get off the ground.  This workshop is taught over the course of 3 weeks broken into three 90 minute classes.

Learning Labs 

These short labs will teach you what you need to know to get started with some of the best scheduling and design tools you need to create professional, engaging graphics and stay efficient with your social media.

Canva Lab

In this 1 hour lab you will learn how to create stunning graphics with a point and click! This software is free to use and only charges if you want to use stock items that have license fees. Most fees are only $1 each!

SOcial POsting Class

This class will cover how to create a schedule of posts in a mix that keeps followers engaged. Learn how to decide your best time to post and how you can cross post among platforms with one login! This class is 75 minutes and is a great class to take after you have had our social media course!

spark lab

Our Adobe Spark Lab will get you excited about building posts on your PC and Tablet. It's simple and easy to use once you know your way around. Set up to make posts based around your brand with just a few steps! 1 hour lab.

Create Your Own Videos (1)

Video is preferred by your customers, engages quicker and converts higher.  Top three most effective types of video content: Customer testimonials (51%); Tutorial videos (50%); Demonstration videos (49%) *According to Forbes. We will introduce you to TWO an easy to use video creators online and teach you what you need to include in EVERY video! 

Facebook Ads

This 90 minute lab will give you a basic knowledge of how to build a Facebook ad, what information needs to be included, create your demographic list, decide your budget and decipher your analytics. *This class requires you to have a Facebook Business Page.

fb live to youtube

Do you use Facebook Live as a marketing tool? Did you know that you can turn those Live videos into re-usable YouTube videos? Did you know having your own YouTube videos can increase your WEBSITE traffic? We will show you how to repurpose your Facebook Live videos and upload them to your YouTube channel. Don't have a channel yet? We will show you how! 

Next Steps...

Are you interested in any of the above Workshops or Labs? Shoot us an email and we will get back to you to answer any questions and schedule your time!