Are you a Business Owner? Entrepreneur? Network Marketer? DO NOT MISS THIS SEMINAR! Come learn how to leverage your personal story to help increase your customer base AND average ticket. Leave with a powerful :60 description of your business that gets attention and helps you convert that attention into BUSINESS! This seminar includes lunch!

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If you own a business this Seminar is for YOU! If you want to start a business and are not sure exactly what you want to do...this seminar is for YOU!

Customers never like being "sold", they like "buying" from people they can relate to.

We all have a personal story that brought us to where we are as business owners or can help us decide the best business we should start. Come to this seminar to learn how to position your story for your marketing, networking and relationship building, in a way that brings you more customers and higher average purchases!


  • Figure out exactly what business is right for you if you don't already have one
  • Learn a new way to position yourself and your business to potential customers
  • Together we will pinpoint EXACTLY what your message should be
  • Leave feeling a renewed energy about your business
  • Tips to help you EARN MORE MONEY without being pushy!
You'll get lunch too 🙂
Due to the hands on time of this seminar, seating is limited! Register Now to ensure a spot. This will be one of the most impactful 3.5 hours you ever spend on your business! GUARANTEED!